PIXIE Dust fAIRY serum how to apply?


jhfjAs this decade heads to completion, the single technological ingredient touted in skin care products is that peptides. Peptides are active molecules that have the potential to regulate or control the skin’s biological activity, in essence, altering the interaction between the dermis and epidermis. Such messaging could have a big impact on skin wrinkling and how it appears externally.oju

Peptides comprised of copper have good evidence of being helpful in promoting collagen production as well as an antioxidant effect. Copper hggfhas been documented to be helpful in chronic skin wounds for some time. It is logical, therefore, that if copper is attached to a peptide that it may be beneficial for skin regeneration by having an up-regulation effect on fibroblasts, the cellular manufacturing plant of collagen.We crave the power to dream the impossible. With the advent of new technologies, the mind’s eye will undergo a dramatic transformation and witness the new skin care Pixie Dust FAIRY serum affects glowing happiest fairies.

ASK FOR SAMPLE SERUM (5-7 day supply)



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